September 22, 2021

Wilderness Stewardship Project at Neffs Canyon

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The rain came and so did our volunteers! We had quite the crew rally together up Neffs Canyon to complete our third trail work day of the season. Our main focus of the day was erosion control and reshaping this trail to allow water to run off and back into the creek. What a better way to test our systems than steady rainfall almost all day! 

Regardless of us all being soaked through our clothes, this day was a massive success. We were able to install two new water bars and clear a large portion of the upper trail free from overgrowth. The Salt Lake Ranger District (SLRD) taught us the importance of water maintenance and the impact poorly built trails can have on both the environment and the watershed. By building waterbars, you are allowing water to not sit in one place. When there are puddles, we naturally avoid them, which in turn, widens trails over time. This widening increases our impact. Ultimately, our goal through our Wilderness Stewardship Project is to maintain the trails throughout our wilderness areas to preserve these landscapes and our watershed.

Thank you so much to our mighty crew who had the most inspiring spirits: Lowell, Francesca, Alex, Greyson, Andre, Katie, Brett, Drew, Quang, and our three trail crew folks from the SLRD.

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