Our 17th Annual Lone Peak Celebration

Save Our Canyons is dedicated to protecting the wildness and beauty of the Wasatch Mountains, canyons, and foothills. With dramatic peaks rising nearly seven thousand feet above the Salt Lake Valley, the Wasatch Mountains are unique in providing access to exceptional high quality backcountry and pristine wild lands within miles of a vibrant metropolitan area. The Wasatch is the cornerstone of Utah’s outdoors lifestyle, a primary motivator behind business relocation and population retention.

More than just being important to human inhabitants, the Wasatch are critical habitat for over 1200 species of flora and fauna and are also part of the western wildlife corridor. In the past year the Wasatch, which act as the watershed for the million plus residents living nearby, saw nearly six million user visits. That’s roughly equivalent to the combined visitation numbers for all five of Utah’s National Parks, but in an area one fifth the size.

Save Our Canyons was founded in 1972 in response to the threat of urbanization of the Wasatch Mountains. We have had important successes in our 45-year history. Through years of hard work and perseverance, the Save Our Canyons community successfully organized for three wilderness designations areas within the Wasatch: Lone Peak, Twin Peaks, and Mt. Olympus wilderness  — this caused the formation of our Annual Lone Peak Celebration.

This celebration gives you an opportunity to mix and mingle with others working to protect the Wasatch Mountains while knowing your ticket price will go towards the following campaign. Our Lone Peak Celebration is typically held in March and we couldn’t do it without our amazing sponsors and in-kind donations. 

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