Save Our Canyons is dedicated to protecting the wildness and beauty of the Wasatch Mountains, canyons, and foothills — we do this through a variety of ways and one of them is land use planning. The Wasatch Range is comprised of a patchwork of land ownership and management.

Engaging Federal, State, Cities and Counties

To address this reality, we engage on the federal, state, city and county levels to provide up-to-date community perspectives and support for an approach that maintains or improves the environmental health and conservation outcomes of the Wasatch Range. A recent example of collaborative land use planning would be the Mountain Accord.

The Mountain Accord was established in 2014 to make critical decisions and implement solutions to preserve the Central Wasatch and ensure its long term vitality. The Central Wasatch mountains are one of Utah’s most pristine and valuable natural resources. In the face of a rapidly growing population, those values could be at risk unless action is taken now.

This unprecedented collaboration of diverse groups seeks to create a Blueprint for the future of the Central Wasatch. This Blueprint’s goal is to meet Mountain Accord’s purposes, which include responsible stewardship of natural resources, preservation of quality recreation experiences, establishing an environmentally sustainable transportation system, and contributing to a vibrant economy.