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We are living in a time of unprecedented assaults on our landscapes. We've seen removal of protection for areas within Bears Ears and Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monuments. We’ve seen the "protect local control" State of Utah roll locals on issues like the Inland Port. To think that the Wasatch Mountains are somehow exempted from this type of hanky-panky, is not only naive, but dangerous. Why? Because it is happening NOW! 

UDOT has allocated $66 million dollars for transportation projects in Little Cottonwood Canyon; the concept of interconnect as a transportation solution is being thrown around like Kleenex during cold and flu season and the public lands surrounding Grizzly Gulch have never been more at risk of being lost to resort development. 

Our $350,000 budget stands up to billions of dollars, who see exploitation of the Wasatch as a way to get billions more. Politicians and out of state financiers see the Wasatch as a blank check waiting to be cashed as they exploit the wildness and beauty we all value.

Right now, we need $100,000 to keep going. To keep pushing. To deliver upon the vision of our community. To make sure the inspiration and respite that caused Gale Dick and Alexis Kelner to found this organization nearly 50 years ago, can be found generations from now.

I'll never stop protecting the Wasatch mountains, I’ll donate $35, $50, $105, or $250 TODAY!


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Stakeholders have come together to support legislation to protect nearly 80,000 acres in the Central Wasatch Mountains.

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