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  • We are hosting an evening focused around music in the Wasatch Mountains at Urban Lounge on June 20th. Trust us when we say, you will not want to miss this Save Our Canyons event, featuring 4 live bands (Terrestrial Soulz, Loom, The Ten O’ One Band, and Lapdog), proceeds going towards protecting the beauty and wildness of the Wasatch, opportunity drawings, and more! Tickets on sale now for $25. 

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  • The Upper Millcreek Canyon Road Improvement project aims to improve safety and access in the upper canyon, from the Winter Gate to Big Water Trailhead. Proposed changes include widening Millcreek Canyon Road, adding an uphill bicycle lane from Winter Gate to Elbow Fork, formalizing roadside parking ...

  • It likely comes as no surprise that the 2024 legislative session was full of ups, downs, and difficult bills. But our incredible community showed up in force to advocate for the beauty and wildness of the Wasatch Mountains. 

    The legislature introduced over 900 bills and resolutions, passing a ...

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Stakeholders have come together to support legislation to protect nearly 80,000 acres in the Central Wasatch Mountains.

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We need everyone living along the Wasatch Mountains to get involved to protect and preserve our canyons.

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