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  • NO GONDOLA IN LITTLE COTTONWOOD CANYON. We must take action before UDOT finalizes their decision to move forward with the gondola. This is our last chance to consider alternative transportation options up Little Cottonwood Canyon.

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  • The Wasatch is facing serious threats ranging from the world’s longest gondola, a 600+ acre mining proposal in Parley’s Canyon, land management directives rather than codes, impacts to headwater areas of the Central Wasatch due to wetland destruction and tree removal for ski area expansion, and ...

  •  As the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest (UWCNF) continues to face abundant external pressures and budget cuts from Congress, the land managers are eagerly trying to best strategize how to maintain these areas we frequently use - picnic areas, campgrounds, trailhead bathrooms, dispersed camping ...

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Stakeholders have come together to support legislation to protect nearly 80,000 acres in the Central Wasatch Mountains.

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We need everyone living along the Wasatch Mountains to get involved to protect and preserve our canyons.

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