November 02, 2021

An ode to another amazing Wilderness Stewardship Season!

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On October 2, we completed our very last trail work day of the season up Millcreek Canyon at Thaynes Trailhead. This was the perfect opportunity to see insanely beautiful fall colors and finish the season with a hard working crew. This workday consisted of removing tons of brush off of the trail and reworking areas of the trail that have eroded. This allows us all to enjoy the trail much more than before and alleviate future degradation.  Additionally, we utilized the brush we removed to cover illegal dog trails. An illegal dog trail is when our sweet friends with paws cut the trail and create cat tracks that encourage continued use which is the exact opposite of what we want. We want a well built trail that contours our wilderness areas and reduces our overall impact. 

Our successful last trail day sparked an interest in summarizing our season highlights! We were able to successfully complete five WSP work days with 32 volunteers and cover 15 miles of trail. We completed projects on the Twin Peaks Wilderness Areas and the Mount Olympus Wilderness Areas at the following trailheads: Butler Fork, Mill B/Desolation, Lake Blanche, Thaynes, and Neffs Canyon. This season has been such an inspiration to all of us at Save Our Canyons - as a community, we accomplished so much! Truly, protecting the Wasatch and getting these important projects done would not be possible without all of you.

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