Save Our Canyons Kids promotes a connection between our natural environment and the youth of our community, through peer-to-peer guided outdoor adventures, to inspire students to become future stewards of the Wasatch.

What is Save Our Canyons Kids?

Save Our Canyons Kids (SOCkids) is a program that facilitates access to and education about the Wasatch Mountains to youth from throughout the valley by collaborating with different youth after-school and summer programs. The majority of youth we work with have spent little or no time exploring the mountains. Bringing them to the mountains to hike and learn about their home helps them develop a sense of place and demonstrate how close and important this ecosystem is to their communities.

Through introducing and familiarizing local kids and teenagers to Utah’s beautiful Wasatch wilderness while facilitating a positive, fun experience we are teaching them to care about this environment, which will create the next generation of environmental stewards. As the new generation emerges, it’s crucial for us to remember the importance of keeping our environment rich and unharmed, and instill those values in the younger generations.

We need your help to make all of this possible! SOCkids is solely supported by grant funding and donations. Printing field journals and buying materials to keep kids engaged on hikes can get expensive. Save Our Canyons is an organization driven proudly by its membership base.

Make a donation to support the development of SOCkids program.  

Who does SOCKids work with?

SOCkids currently has partnerships with local organizations like the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, and Refugee and Immigrant Asian Association of Utah. We aspire to reach a wider range of students from elementary to high school, and plan hikes and lessons relevant to the age levels.

If you are associated with an after-school or summer program and interested in joining SOCKids, please email for more information.