UPDATE: On Monday, December 11, Save Our Canyons filed a lawsuit against UDOT and the Forest Service challenging the decision to build a gondola in LCC, represented by our outstanding counsel at the public interest law firm Eubanks & Associates, PLLC and with local representation ably provided by Joel Ban. Read our full lawsuit here.

Although we are foremost a public advocacy organization, we felt we had to litigate the gondola decision because:

  • It ignores the desire of the vast majority of citizens NOT to spend enormous sums of tax dollars to construct a blight on one of the most stunning landscapes in our beautiful state.
  • It dismisses your passionate desire—expressed in nearly 50,000 comments—to preserve the beauty and environment of our mountain landscapes that is essential both to life and quality of life.
  • It is a colossal subsidy to two resorts that represent a miniscule portion of the Utah economy and that cater to a relatively small, relatively wealthy set of clients.
  • It is a corrupt gift to a few politically connected businessmen who met secretly with UDOT and ultimately succeeded in causing it to reverse its decision NOT to consider an identical gondola.
  • It plays no part in the comprehensive and integrated transportation system needed for the canyons and entire Wasatch Front, but is a tourist attraction toy sprung from the minds of compliant and careless politicians with naïve, soft-focus images of Zermatt and Chamonix dancing in their heads. 

There has never been an issue that has pierced more deeply into the heart of our mission than this horrific gondola, so there is no choice for us— we MUST stand up against it. 

This lawsuit is an extremely heavy financial lift for us and, from the beginning, we knew we would need your support to help us see this fight through.

So, at this critical time, Save Our Canyons is asking you to donate in support of the wildness and beauty of the Wasatch, and to help us continue to work for pragmatic transportation solutions for the Wasatch that serve all users, all seasons of the year, for generations to come.