NO GONDOLA IN LITTLE COTTONWOOD CANYON. We must take action before UDOT finalizes their decision to move forward with the gondola. 

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) started an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) in 2018 to find transportation solutions for Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC). In August 2022, UDOT announced the gondola as its preferred solution. UDOT will issue its Record of Decision (ROD), or final decision, this summer based on comments from the Final EIS. UDOT will then need to finalize funding. 

Stretching over 8 miles long, the gondola would begin at the base of LCC and include only two stops: Snowbird Ski Resort and Alta Ski Area. The gondola would consist of 20 towers and 2 angle stations, ranging from 130 to 262 feet tall. 

Save Our Canyons strongly opposes the gondola because it won't solve traffic congestion, but instead threatens our critical watershed and limits canyon access for non-resort users. 

We support lower-cost solutions that utilize our existing infrastructure, such as carpool incentives (ex. occupancy-based tolling), year-round enhanced bus service with stops at multiple locations and more frequent service at peak times, enforcement of the traction law, and mandatory parking reservations at ski resorts.

While we’re disappointed UDOT is still considering the gondola after widespread opposition from local communities and public officials, we still have time to act.

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