April 29, 2019

Thank You Stacy Messerschmidt From Catchafire.org

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We at Save Our Canyons have a lot of different talents, but drawing is not one of them! Thank you Stacy Messerschmidt from Catchafire.org for helping us with these amazing campaign illustrations. She volunteered her time to help with this project — and it never would have been done without her.  If you are on Instagram make sure to follow her today, @stacymesserschmidt, and you’re looking for an illustrator visit her website today: www.stacymesserschmidt.com.

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Help Keep Grizzly Gulch Wild by taking our pledge...

I do not support more sprawling development in the watershed and high alpine areas of Little Cottonwood Canyon. In the absence of land exchanges our canyons will be cluttered with more development degrading the viewshed and impact surrounding areas such as Mount Superior, Flagstaff, Grizzly Gulch, and the Cottonwood Canyons ridgelines. 

I will not tolerate a land exchange for Alta, if Grizzly Gulch is off the table. This land which has been central to years’ worth of negotiations throughout Mountain Accord and now the Central Wasatch Conservation and Recreation Area Act. Alta's rehashed land exchanges does nothing to protect plants and animal species outside of the ski resort boundaries. 

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Tell the Governor and the USDA that more science and discussion from experts around the state must take place before altering the valuable protections of the Roadless Rule.

We need you to submit comments and perspectives to ensure protections of the roadless rule remain in place for these treasured lands that the Governor seeks to erode. Proposals that impact in excess of 4 million acres should be subject to more public scrutiny and robust, scientific data to inform decisions that will impact the legacy of our public lands for generations. Take Action Today!


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