January 28, 2020

Salt Lake County "Wasatch Canyons General Plan" Update and Open House

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The Salt Lake County Council has postponed a vote for the updated Wasatch Canyons General Plan. We anticipate this to be rescheduled for the coming weeks however in the meantime, you can quickly send a comment to the Council and Salt Lake County Mayor regarding this important update.

I want to contact the County about the Wasatch General Plan Update! Click HERE.

Don’t let planning fatigue get you down! The Wasatch Canyon General Plan (WCGP) is a long range, we’re talking 30 years, guiding document that SOC has participated in since its inception back in 1989. Read our “History of the Origin of Salt Lake County’s Wasatch Canyons Master Plan in 1989” HERE (P.6). 

The County’s plan, which addresses the area by canyon - Parley’s, Millcreek, Big and Little Cottonwood - is an “advisory, non-binding document” to be used by county council and commissions as well as private property owners, developers and county staff to guide decisions made in the canyons. View Map HERE 

Below we’ve put together a few bullet points and resources to help you make informed comments that will guide the County’s direction for the land in the Central Wasatch. With visitation trends continuing to increase leading to year-round recreation pressures we know that important decisions must be made about land conservation and policy as well as transportation congestion and efficiency. Save Our Canyons goal is to demonstrate a unified voice for thoughtful planning and implementation of proposals and projects collaboratively developed via the Mountain Accord as well as the on-going efforts of the Central Wasatch Commission. 

View Salt Lake County’s “Wasatch Canyons General Plan” page

We have outlined a few themes that need your advocacy:

  • Remind the County that our quality of life, economy and recreation all depend upon the health and vibrancy of the land and water within the Wasatch Range
  • Encourage the prioritization of an open space funding stream to acquire high value lands to help recreation and access
  • Transition from private, personal vehicle to public transit and bus transit
  • Parking and infrastructure should be built outside of canyons in order to preserve canyon environs and efficiently connect visitors to transit hubs for year-round transportation
  • Ski area development should only take place within existing ski resort boundaries  
  • WCGP outcomes should enhance environment, water, habitat protections by upholding or expanding stringent zoning and ordinance for development

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of this plan and so we ask you to mark you calendar and attend the public open house.

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