October 14, 2020

Save Our Canyons’ CWC Mountain Transportation System Draft Alternative Comments

pdfSave Our Canyons’ CWC Mountain Transportation System Draft Alternative Comments 

We throw out the term “protecting public land” a lot, but when was the last time we stepped back and thought about what it means? Does it mean free access to recreate? Does it mean a place for the plants and animals to thrive? Does it mean leaving a legacy the next generation can be proud of? And when we talk about the concept of protecting our public lands, it’s important to discuss how we access them. Are you able to get into your private car in July and drive to an infinitely expanding parking lot within the mountains? Or is your access to the public lands limited because of the transportation system provided?

Currently, in the Central Wasatch, during the months of April to November, you cannot access the Wasatch without a private vehicle because residents throughout the valley do not have access to a year-round public transportation system. If you feel like we have been having the same “transportation solution” discuss on repeat, it’s because we have!

It can sometimes feel like you're spinning your wheels and time to throw in the towel — but you can’t! Right now, we are at the pivoting point in this discussion. Will the transportation solution be: a gondola up LCC, gondola connecting the mighty 7,  a rail system, or a year-round public transportation system? More importantly than mode, and what continues to be ignored in the transportation discussion, is how will transportation drive land use changes in and around the Wasatch? This is perhaps, far and away the most significant impact. Further, why are they being pursued? Luring the Olympics? Facilitate resort expansion? Create new resorts around the Wasatch? Build SkiLink?

As a community passionate, dedicated, and tenacious — we need YOU to hold strong and unite with us around the shared idea of protecting the Wasatch Mountains. Please take sometime to look over our CWC Mountain Transportation System Draft Alternative Comments!