February 16, 2020

Celebrating Wilderness - The Lone Peak Wilderness Party - 2020

Wasatch Environmental Update for February 16, 2020

By John Worlock

Celebrating Wilderness - The Lone Peak Wilderness Party - 2020

         In these days of burgeoning population, Wilderness is no longer just a wild place with no human inhabitants.   A Wilderness Area must be so designated by an act of Congress, after which that patch of the earth is to be protected from human habitation and exploitation.

         We are wildly fortunate to have three such wilderness areas within sight and easy reach of the Salt Lake Valley.  That’s what you see when you look at the Wasatch Range from anywhere in the valley: reading from right to left, the Lone Peak Wilderness, the Twin Peaks Wilderness, and the Mount Olympus Wilderness.

         Save Our Canyons is working hard to get Congress to designate more Wilderness, but in the meantime we like to celebrate what we have already achieved.

         Here comes the celebration, then, and you are invited to participate. It’s the 18th annual Lone Peak Wilderness Celebration, on Saturday, March 7th.  Don’t rush around to get a pen and paper - you can get the details anytime on the website saveourcanyons.org. But put it in the back of your mind:  Saturday, March 7th.  The venue is a new one for us, at The Garden Place at This is the Place Heritage Center, on Sunnyside Avenue, out east of town on the road to Emigration Canyon.

         As you might have guessed, this celebration is also a fundraiser for the work of Save Our Canyons, which is dedicated to keeping those nearby Wasatch Canyons wild and beautiful. It is sponsored by Kuhl, the outdoor clothing folks, and there will be food from Mazza, the local middle eastern restaurant, plus drinks galore and live music throughout the evening.

         A silent auction will offer you a variety of bargains, including outdoor gear for your exploration of the Wasatch Canyons, art for decorating your home., an a night at the Opera!

         Here is how to get your tickets: one, on the website by clicking here or two. call us at 801-363-7283.

          Somehow just do it! Come out for Save Our Canyons’s Lone Peak Wilderness Celebration on Saturday March 7th.