September 03, 2021

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC) Final Environmental Impact Study (FEIS) Update! 

On August 30th, UDOT announced the gondola as their preferred alternative for Little Cottonwood Canyon, but with a phased approach first. While we are disappointed they are still considering the gondola after 14,000+ public comments were submitted – we see the bigger picture in their announcement: we have time to prevent the gondola.

UDOT acknowledged the need to start with a phased approach, and now, the phased approach will have years to prove its effectiveness. UDOT’s goal is a 30% reduction in traffic in the canyon and if that can be achieved with carpooling, bussing, and a parking fee at ski areas, which has already proven to be effective, then the gondola isn’t necessary. 

While we unwaveringly know the gondola isn’t a solution to the problems Little Cottonwood Canyon faces, year-round. The phased approach provides opportunity for those who actually want to solve issues confronting Little Cottonwood Canyon. What can you do to stop a gondola?

  • Take the bus. Carpool. Every person visiting these canyons has the opportunity to stave off a gondola by changing their behaviors. 
  • Readpdf Save Our Canyons FEIS comments 

Save Our Canyons will continue meeting with transportation leaders along with city, county, and state elected officials to advocate for the protection of the Wasatch Mountains. It's time we invest in real ideas that actually solve the problem, like electric buses and regional transit hubs throughout the valley. 

Let there be no doubt, that there is power in what you have already achieved.

14,000 comments submitted, demanded and supported local government leadership at Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Sandy, and the Town of Alta that rejected this disastrous idea for the Wasatch Mountains.