September 22, 2020

Wilderness Stewardship Project In Thaynes Canyon

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The severe windstorm that hit northern Utah last week wreaked havoc on the trees and structures of Salt Lake. Volunteers have removed hundreds of fallen trees and limbs from neighborhoods and streets but the damage is evident. The storm also took a toll on our beloved canyons, where many young as well as old trees were blown onto trails and parking areas. This week, as part of our last Wilderness Stewardship Project, a group of 15 volunteers headed up Thaynes Canyon in Millcreek Canyon to remove some of those fallen trees.  Lead by Thomas and Vang, both members of the Salt Lake Ranger District, we hiked 3 miles up to the Desolation trail turnoff and removed a fallen Aspen as well as a large Pine that had taken out a few other trees with its roots. Both trees were successfully removed thanks to a few strong hands and a very sharp handsaw. We also widened the trail by digging into the uphill section and cut back some overgrown bushes and tree limbs. Thaynes Canyon isn’t as popular as it’s neighboring Salt Lake overlook via the Desolation trail, because it is rather steep and rocky, but if you’re looking for a challenge and a little more serenity, Thaynes is a great choice! The trail is located just past the Millcreek Inn on the south side of Millcreek Canyon. 

The Wilderness Stewardship Project has been a little different this year. Volunteers have been such good sports to still come out and hike, carry tools, cut back overgrown trails, junk trails, remove trees, and all while wearing a mask. Thanks to the Salt Lake Rangers for your help, guidance and expertise and for keeping our trails clean and accessible. I personally gained a ton of respect for these rangers, and I saw first-hand that their job is not an easy one and they do it all with a terrific attitude, so next time your see their green uniforms out on the trail, be sure to say thanks! This was a terrific end to our three volunteer days this summer. We had 15 volunteers show up which more than doubled our numbers from the previous two days, so thank you! 

Thanks to Rachel Smith, Tom Miotke, Chris Carrick, Gabriel Ramos, Alexsis Lever, Kyle Williams, James Thompson, John Parcher, Adrian Lins, Robyn Heilbrun, Alex Pearson, Suzanne Ormond, Natalie Freeze and Sherie Comish for helping move those trees this week! We couldn’t have done it without you!

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