September 07, 2021

Wilderness Stewardship Project at Lake Blanche Trailhead

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Just a few weeks ago we were able to complete our second Wilderness Stewardship Project trail work day of the season! With amazing fall temps rolling in, the smoky air could not deter our wonderful volunteers from a great day in the Twin Peaks Wilderness. Through a continued partnership with the Forest Service Salt Lake Ranger District, we are able to maintain and preserve the intricate trail system of both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon. Together we are continuing to strengthen the public lands of the Wasatch. We worked our way up the Lake Blanche trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon to begin the repair on water bars that had blown out after our recent rain. The Salt Lake Ranger District informed us that it is important to maintain these water bars, as they ensure that our trails will not erode. Also, by building water bars, all water can find its way off trail and into the streams where it is meant to be.

We have found that when trails hold water, people who are using the trail tend to avoid the puddle. Over time and thousands of people walking over the same area, we see the trail widen which negatively affects the environment that hugs the existing trail. If water is properly managed, we are all less likely to damage the area. Our work day was hugely successful! We repaired almost 2.5 miles of trail with 6 volunteers! By dividing and conquering into smaller groups, we were able to address multiple areas where the original Lake Blanche trail needed maintenance.

I would like to personally thank the Salt Lake Ranger District trail crew for your outstanding facilitation and knowledge as well as the following Save Our Canyons volunteers: Mark Baer, Jim Thompson, Ryan Suen, Drew Elegante, Quang Vo, and Aaron Mast. We would not be able to complete this volume of work without each and every one of you. We have three more work days before we are greeted by the best gift, snow, and we wrap up our season. If you would like to join us this season, please sign up here!



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