October 19, 2022

Vision for Salt Lake City's Bid to Host the 2030 Olympic Games

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Salt Lake City will set a new, positive standard for how an Olympic Games is run and show the world that embracing the values of inclusion, fairness, and sustainability can enhance the popularity and impact of a major sporting event. The Organizing Committee will enter and be held accountable to a Community Benefits Agreement including the following sections:


Housing built or renovated for the Games will be affordable, equitably dispersed, accessible, and energy efficient. 


Everyone employed to help prepare for the Games or employed during the Games will be paid a living wage. Construction contracts will be awarded to licensed and responsible bidders. Efforts will be made to incentivize hiring local residents, women, people of color, and people with disabilities. Transportation. Investments in public transportation will be made to facilitate less reliance on cars both during and after the Games, with a priority toward projects that will improve air quality and result in heavy resident use, taking into account underserved areas. 

Homeless Services

Displacement of low-income residents during the Games will be mitigated by opening one or more temporary housing shelters and expanding the availability of emergency food.


The Games will strive to achieve net-zero emissions and zero waste, prioritizing use of already-existing infrastructure and venues and holding new buildings to the highest reasonable efficiency standards. The Tri-Canyons of Millcreek, Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood Canyons will not be used to host Games events or venues. Environmental accountability will be overseen by an environmental advisory committee. 

Civil Rights

The Games will adopt a code of conduct for both government and private security. Surveillance technology used for security purposes during the Games will include transparency and accountability protections and be overseen by a privacy advisory committee.


Opportunities will be created for low and middle-income Utah residents to be able to attend some Games events for free or reduced rates.  Accessibility. The Games will be welcoming and inclusive for all, with universally accessible venues and events, and disability awareness training for public-facing staff and volunteers.


The Organizing Committee will be a model of transparency, making regular meetings open to the public and sharing all documents online. A community advisory board will monitor progress on the Community Benefits Agreement and other community issues.

2030 Vision Statement Endorsing Organizations:

  • Better Utah
  • Citizens Education Project
  • Crossroads Urban Center
  • HEAL Utah
  • Impact Hub
  • League of Women Voters of Salt Lake
  • Save Our Canyons
  • Utah Building Trades
  • Utah Clean Energy
  • Utah Coalition of La Raza
  • Utahns Against Hunger
  • Voices for Utah Children
  • Westside Coalition 

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