July 22, 2019

Save Our Canyons Summer Pika T Shirt

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Pika are a rabbit like mammal that inhabits Rocky Mountain slopes, known as talus in high elevation areas such as the upper reaches of the Wasatch Mountains. In North America, the Pika depends upon the forage of wildflowers, grasses, and mosses as its main source of food to sustain it year round. These intriguing little creatures, recognized from the “cheep” that reverberates amongst the granite fields of areas like White Pine and Mount Baldy are facing two major threats which is why we are highlighting them in our custom t-shirt designed by the talented Anna Hansen of The Hex Press.

For decades, our focus has been on preserving the highest reaches of the Wasatch Range that act as our reservoirs for year round water that supplies the population below. Research by the US Geological Survey between 2012 and 2015 found that climate change is the single most significant factor impacting this once broadly distributed herbivore. As the Pika’s populations decrease and they seek habitat at higher elevations the pressures increase due to existing and proposed development from ski areas in the Wasatch Range.

Like the Pika, Save Our Canyons is operating at a time where conservation of these important habitats is being undermined and the future is less and less certain. Therefore, your support goes a long way. Adding your voice and passion propels our message of comprehensive, landscape scale conservation and stewardship of the irreplaceable water source and lands of the Wasatch even further when you join us as a supporting member.

The other way you can help the Pika is by signing the Central Wasatch National Conservation & Recreation Area (CWNCRA) petition. Our current goal in partnership with Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Sandy City, the State of Utah and the USFS is to protect 80,000 acres of public land by working with Congress to designate the CWNCRA. Once passed, this legislation will connect fragmented land with areas currently under federal protection, designate additional wilderness areas, and limit future development on public domains of the Wasatch, all while protecting our shared values of natural places.

Take Action Today! Click HERE to support the Central Wasatch National Conservation and Recreation Area.

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