May 25, 2022

Little Cottonwood Canyon Podcast

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The following podcast created by Nicole Milavetz (@nmilavetz) covers the topic of the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) Little Cottonwood Canyon Draft Environmental Impact Study (DEIS) featuring Carl Fisher Executive Director of Save Our Canyons and Leadership of Students for the Wasatch (SFW). 

SFW is an organization at the University of Utah which was created in response to the proposed gondola that is part of the UDOT DEIS. This group focuses on educating the public and providing opportunities for people to take action.

Video Credit Chris Monte and Lane Aasen 

Full Podcast 

About Nicole Milavetz the creator of the podcast: 

Nicole Milavetz is an environmentalist from Salt Lake City Utah. She is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder with a BA in Environmental Studies and Geography. Nicole is passionate about environmental journalism and podcasting, national parks, public land management, and environmental justice. She currently writes for the Frontline Climate Magazine, which tackles climate change news and top stories, while working to engage the public and spark important conversations about the climate crisis. Nicole hopes to pursue a career in environmental journalism and advocacy, raising awareness about climate change while creating community in the process. 

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