October 03, 2023

Wasatch Stewardship Project - Canadian Thistle Weedpull at Cardiff Fork

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Shortly before the Wasatch Mountains began to see snow, Save Our Canyons joined with the Cottonwood Canyons Foundation to conduct an invasive species weed pull along the newly constructed Cardiff Fork boardwalk. The day began with the customary introduction and signing of waivers.

20 seventh-grade students accompanied our volunteers and descended to the boardwalk, where an abundance of Canadian Thistle grew near the pathway.

To guard against the Thistle, gloves and hand shovels were distributed, and the effort began. After approximately two hours of pulling, the soil became more compact, making it challenging to extract the remaining plants.

Given that the Canadian Thistle is a perennial, it resurfaces seasonally, perpetuating the cycle with readily dispersible seed pods. By day's end, the dedicated volunteers, including Ashley and his students, extracted nearly 200 pounds of dispersing thistle.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all participants for their commitment and eagerness to protect the Wasatch. With your dedication, completing this crucial work was possible.

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