September 13, 2023

Wasatch Stewardship Project - Old Redpine Road Trail Maintenance

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On September 9th, Save Our Canyons and 13 fantastic volunteers from Goldman Sachs partnered with the Salt Lake Ranger District to do trail maintenance in Upper Millcreek Canyon.

Upon meeting at Rattlesnake Gulch at 9 am, we piled into three cars and followed the Rangers up the canyon to the Big Water Trailhead. We were separated into two groups, each equipped with hand saws and large clippers. One group hiked ahead on the trail while the other stayed towards the bottom.

We trimmed back the woody shrubs, brush, and saplings within a few feet of the trail or overhead. The goal was to cut back enough vegetation so this wouldn't have to be maintained for another five years. Many of these woody shrubs can grab a biker's handlebars and send them off the trail. The two groups were able to cover lots of ground, and both rangers were very appreciative of our time and efficiency.

We had beautiful weather all day, which led to plenty of laughter and gratitude. We love to hike in our Wasatch Mountains, but oftentimes, we aren't aware of the work it takes to maintain these trails that bring us to some of the most beautiful places. After three hours of trail maintenance, everyone had a more significant appreciation for the well-kept trails we have so accessible. Volunteering with the Forest Service is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the places we love and how to take care of them so others can enjoy them as we have!

Save Our Canyons would like to give a thank you to Goldman Sachs and the CTW team for being such wonderful volunteers.  Also thank you to the Ranger District for being an exceptional partner in stewardship.


Written By: Ben Klein

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