July 20, 2023

Wasatch Stewardship Project - Big Cottonwood Canyon, Roadside Cleanup with Keep Nature Wild and CNG Healthcare

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On July 20th, Save Our Canyons and Keep Nature Wild joined forces to host a road cleanup event in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Carrying the collective goal of preserving the natural beauty of this scenic area. The volunteers from CNG Healthcare gathered at the park and ride with a mission to clean up the canyon's roadside.

We started at the Spruces Campground, a popular recreation spot where we gathered after carpooling up the canyon. Ready with gloves, trash bags, and a shared passion for preserving nature, the group set out along the highway's edge for approximately 2 miles. The mission was simple but crucial: to pick up roadside garbage and litter that had accumulated over time, preventing it from harming the local wildlife and environment.

We collected nearly 200 pounds of trash, ranging from plastic bottles and wrappers to discarded cigarette butts and other large pieces of debris. The amount collected was a reminder of the impact of human activity on our outdoor spaces. However, it also served as an inspiration to the power of community and collective action in making a positive change.

Once we finished the cleanup, the group returned to the starting point at Spruces Campground. We then gathered for a group photo, and a few minutes of chatting, thank-yous.

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