October 17, 2022

Fall SOCK hike in Little Cottonwood Canyon

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The fall weather has been absolutely incredible these last few weeks and we could not wait to get back outside with the YMCA Eisenhower group we took out to City Creek Canyon earlier this April. On October 7th, we had the exciting opportunity to meet at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon and hike the Alpenbock Loop. This was a very different experience for them than the last time we hiked together. I was eager to take them off of the foothills and get them into the heart of one of our most famous canyons. 

The Alpenbock Loop runs beneath walls of granite and creates a very stimulating hiking experience. The trail is rocky, a bit overgrown, and provides periodic shade with tunnels of maple trees. This trail pushed the group to step out of their comfort zones and be very communicative with one another to ensure everyone was safe. We needed to be sure everyone had stable footing and was taking plenty of breaks as this was 5 out of the 16 students first time ever hiking in their lives. 

The students were incredibly blown away by the panoramic views - to the east you see the entire Salt Lake City valley and to the west you see the heart of Little Cottonwood Canyon. They truly could not believe in just 30 minutes, they drove from school, and found themselves in this gem of nature. Many students felt proud of themselves after completing this hike and made sure I knew they really wanted to come back to explore these spaces more. Many of these students are growing into their own and mentioned that taking the time outside and away from school was hugely beneficial to their mental health. They felt grateful for a few hours to decompress and be off their devices. This is our third hike with YMCA Eisenhower! It is always an absolute joy to be able to show up for these students and share the Wasatch with them.

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