January 20, 2023

Central Wasatch Resort Employee Survey

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Save Our Canyons wants to hear from you, the resort employee up Big or Little Cottonwood Canyon, that makes winter seasons possible year after year. 

We are continuing to see a dramatic increase in traffic and attendance at the ski resorts that reside in Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon. We are all exhausted by the lack of efficient transportation solutions across the valley, the hours and hours of idling in the canyon waiting to make it to the resort, and how this issue is steadily changing the identity of the Wasatch to be negative. 

It is time to set a stage for the resort employees to discuss:
    • Their identity in these canyons.
    • How they commute to work - what works and what does not.
    • Issues they have been facing.
    • Provide any suggestions that would make this entire system run more efficiently. 

As we are facing the possible development of a massive gondola system that will change Little Cottonwood Canyon forever - we want to provide a space for you to share your input, concerns, and ideas about how we can better advocate for you and transportation solutions.

Please share this survey far and wide! Share the Google Form Link and/or the QR Code found below. We are striving to get a large amount of submissions from resort employees across both canyons. 

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Thank you for taking the time to take this survey! We will share your responses towards the end of the 2023 Winter Season. 

***Please note all responses will be shared anonymously unless you specify otherwise.

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