August 22, 2022

Big Cottonwood Creek Restoration Project

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It is absolutely incredible to see the positive outcome of working together with various community partners to care for our watershed. On August 13th, volunteers from Save Our Canyons, Seven Canyons Trust, and Keep Nature Wild, joined together to remove trash out of Big Cottonwood Creek and eradicate an invasive species of thistle. 

Over 70 people attended this event and in just 2.5 hours, we were able to remove over 8,500 pounds of trash out of the creek - tires, duffel bags, real estate signs, pieces of industrial pipe, sport nutrition snack wrappers, and on and on and on. Hosting successful volunteer work days like this shows two things - the community is eager to restore the Wasatch Front and waterways really can pick up and carry all kinds of pollutants. 

We are eager to continue working together with Seven Canyons Trust and Keep Nature Wild because we all collectively care about the future of watersheds, environments, mountains, and the surrounding communities.

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