There are many rules that are unique to the Twin Peaks Wilderness due to it also being a watershed area for Salt Lake City. 

General Wilderness Rules

The following are prohibited in all Wilderness Areas across the United States. 

  • Motorized equipment.
  • Equipment used for mechanical transport.
  • Motor vehicles, drones, bikes, motor boats, motorized equipment, carts, wagons, hang gliders, portage wheels and the landing of any aircraft are prohibited in Wilderness Areas.

Specific to Twin Peaks Wilderness

These rules are specific for Twin Peaks Wilderness:

  • Groups cannot exceed 10 people.
  • Must camp 200 feet or farther from trail or source of water.
  • Camp 100 feet from other campsites.
  • Maximum stay at one campsite is 3 days.
  • No short cutting switchbacks.
  • Must pack out garbage, waste and debris.
  • No fires in Mill B South Fork and Ferguson Canyon and ½ a mile of Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon Highways.
  • Ferguson Canyon closed from 10pm to 6am.
  • Must remove all traces of fires

Watershed Rules

These rules are specific to the watershed area.

  • No dogs or domesticated animals.
  • Must camp 200 feet or farther from any body of water.
  • No swimming, bathing, washing clothing, utensils and other products.
  • To pollute or allow pollution in any body of water are prohibited.

For additional information about general and Twin Peaks Wilderness, see these links:

If you have additional questions regarding the rules for Twin Peaks Wilderness Area please feel free to contact us. If you see something in the wilderness area that you'd like to alert us about, please fill out this form.