Board Chair

Bill grew up in Holladay regularly hiking with his dad and dogs in Neffs Canyon and going on hiking and camping trips in the southern Utah canyon country.  He spent as long as possible at the University of Utah, beginning with a music scholarship, later getting Bachelor and Master degrees in linguistics, and ultimately getting his J.D.—and backcountry skiing in the Wasatch as much as possible all the while.

His life experience has been widely varied, having done technical writing in the Paleolithic era of computing, taught academic English and ESL in Malaysia, traveled for a year mostly in south Asia but all over the Eastern Hemisphere from New Zealand to Soviet Russia, developed innovative designs for a structural engineering firm, litigated business, personal injury, and personal injury defense cases, climbed in Yosemite, Canada, Nepal, and Alaska, and participated in the successful start up of a contracting firm in Santa Fe specializing in restoring historic adobe and stone buildings.

His most regular sources of pleasure include seeking out small corners of the Wasatch he’s never been and exploring long, improbable hiking routes in southern Utah. He lives in Sugarhouse with his pervasively beautiful wife Jill and a charismatic cat.