Board Member

 I grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts and discovered my love for the outdoors in my teens backpacking, biking, fishing skiing and mountaineering in the mountains of Northern New England.  When it came time for college, I headed west to Boulder Colorado, where I continued my outdoor recreation and got a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. After college, I worked for 15 years in environmental consulting and engineering, working to help industries with contaminated soil and groundwater meet regulatory and legal requirements in Colorado and California while weekending in the mountains.  I returned to graduate school to study counseling psychology and now work as a marriage and family therapist.

Having lived and adventured in some of the most popular public lands in the country, I have seen firsthand the impacts of human use and development can have on the landscape, environment, wildlife and user experience.  My goal with Save Our Canyons is to help our community to find a path that allows this increasingly pressured resource of the Wasatch Mountains to be available for wildlife, watershed and future generations.