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15 responses to “Contact Us

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  2. The first time I enter our names (2) and paid one ticket price. So I left just one name the second time and hopefully paid for another

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  5. To all, I believe SkiLink is not dead. I can see changes to private lands in BCC. I have been hiking and climbing in the Wasatch for over 35 years, now I am seeing changes in the forested or deforested areas. Land exchanges occur fast.Remember Snowbird.
    Echo reservoir is getting a new dam that is why it is lower, however the real ugly is Jordanelle water levels and with all those terrible condos.

    • Deb,

      Thank you for your comment and long dedication to the protection of the Wasatch. While we are amazed at the way the community was able to band together against the SkiLink proposal we agree that now is not the time to lower our banner against the reincarnation of that project. I am not sure if you have read our recent article on the “interconnect proposal” but I have posted the SkiLink section below. The full article is on our website. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

      The silence surrounding the controversial SkiLink proposal is eerie. It is hard to believe that an issue that was fueled by over $1 Million (by our count) in lobbyists and campaign contributions from the Talisker Corporation can so easily fade to black. Speculation of the Vail – Talisker lease for the Canyons Ski Area may have slowed (or stopped) SkiLink. Conversations with community leaders and others affiliated with the ski industry say SkiLink is done. In conversations with Utah Congressional Delegations staff, many of whom will admit they received a ton of opposition (good work!), but refuse to say the issue won’t come back – rather saying that re-introduction of SkiLink in any form isn’t politically timely at the moment. Long story short – Be aware, and be ready to act should SkiLink rear its ugly head again. For more of the story on SkiLink, you can go here.

  6. I would like to do some volunteer work with you guys if possible. I live in the Orem area. Let me know.


    • Alex,

      We have a few volunteer events coming up towards the end of the month. Please visit our event calendar at to get the details. If that doesn’t work for you please let us know and we will be in touch. Thank you for reaching out.

      SOC Staff

  7. An Unpardonable Sin

    The quality and quantity of the snow, steep beautiful terrain, and easy access make the skiing/riding experience in the Wasatch Mountains (backcountry and resort) world class. This is a special place. But the quality of the skiing experience in the central Wasatch is in jeopardy. I see the proposals for expansion by the resorts and Ski Utah’s “One Wasatch” simply as marketing tools to attract more tourists to our world-class resorts. As a native Utahn, Snowbird season pass holder, and frequent backcountry skier, I don’t believe these proposals for expansion are in our community’s best interest.
    The Alta and Snowbird ski resorts cannot accommodate more skiers/snowboarders without further compromising the already crowded skiing experience that exists there. Who wants to stand in longer and longer lines while waiting to ride the greatest snow on earth? Not only are the lines insufferably long, with larger and larger crowds the snow gets “skied out” faster and faster. Is this the kind of experience Ski Utah and the ski resorts want for their customers? At the same time, the backcountry cannot afford to be annexed any more by the resorts without compromising the riding experience there. The ski industry in Utah has an insatiable appetite for expansion and development at the expense of the environment and wilderness experience. Both the resorts and the backcountry/wilderness can co-exist harmoniously but it’s time for permanent hard lines to be drawn. Tunnels and aerial trams connecting the Cottonwood Canyons and Park City would desecrate what little is left of a wilderness/backcountry experience that exists in the glorious but fragile central Wasatch range. Why connect the resorts? If I want to ski at Alta, I go to Alta. If I want to ski at Deer Valley, I go to Deer Valley. The concept of an interconnect is just a sightseeing gimmick for tourists. No local would dream of wasting quality ski time riding lifts between resorts. Don’t ruin what makes this place special and unique just for more money.
    It’s true, transportation challenges in BCC and LCC do need to be addressed. More efficient mass transit makes sense, but let’s not reinvent the wheel with complicated expensive projects that permanently deface and deform more of this glorious little mountain range in which we are so fortunate to live.

    • Erik,

      Well said!! The idea of building more and more infrastructure within our delicate mountain environs simply to add marketability for the Gorilla makes no sense. We are happy to know that you are out there advocating for further protections and thoughtful land management that protects this “glorious little mountain range.” Please be sure, if you haven’t already, to submit your comment to the mountain accord process.

  8. Please do not seek a Wilderness designation for the Canyons around Salt Lake City. That designation will lead to the prohibition of biking in those areas. Please seek National Monument status instead.

  9. I want to thank you for staying focused on local issues. As a libertarian conservative, I gave up my national Sierra Club membership because they endorse “looney left” groups such as Black Lives Matter. It is important to remain issue-focused and as non-partisan as possible. We need to try to bring back the Teddy Roosevelt / Gifford Pinchot aspect of the Republican Party.

  10. We need to pitch in and so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy beautiful Utah.

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