Mountain Accord Process

Guardsman Spring(C) Howie Garber

What is the Mountain Accord?

“Mountain Accord was established to make critical decisions and implement solutions to preserve the Central Wasatch and ensure its long term vitality. The Central Wasatch mountains are one of Utah’s most pristine and valuable natural resources. In the face of a rapidly growing population, those values could be at risk unless action is taken now. This unprecedented collaboration of diverse groups seeks to create a Blueprint for the future of the Central Wasatch. This Blueprint’s goal is to meet Mountain Accord’s purposes, which include responsible stewardship of natural resources, preservation of quality recreation experiences, establishing an environmentally sustainable transportation system, and contributing to a vibrant economy.”

View the list of Mountain Accord participants HERE

So why is Save Our Canyons involved in the Mountain Accord?

Save Our Canyons staff and volunteers have been heavily involved in this important process from the beginning. We hold a seat on each of the four “system groups” as well as the “executive committee” which means we have a powerful opportunity to impact the decisions being made about the future of our environment and watershed.

We continue to be involved because the built environment of the Wasatch Mountains that exist today are the results of piecemeal jurisdictional decision making, the result of conflict, decisions made by judges evaluating whether an authorization was legal — not whether it was a sage land use decision. The Mountain Accord process is heavily weighted by the concerns of the public — the public that skis, the public that hikes, the public that visits on a daily basis, and the public that never sets foot inside our national forest. All voices matter!

As a visitor to the Wasatch Mountains, member of Save Our Canyons, or a lover of wild places your voice and involvement in the Mountain Accord process is vital. Below you will find resources to learn more about SOC’s involvement in the Mountain Accord. 

List of resources:

Mountain Accord July 13, 2015 Accord final document

Mountain Accord; The most critical issues are looming for the Wasatch Mountains

Save Our Canyons comments on Mountain Accord “Proposed Blueprint”

Save Our Canyons “Idealized Transportation Concept”

Mountain Accord Update; Cottonwood Canyon Task Force Negotiations

Op-Ed: Mountain Accord is Utahn’s chance to shape the future by Carl Fisher SOC Ex. Director

Wasatch Environmental Update; Mountain Accord by John Worlock (SOC Board of Trustee member)

USFS Federal Designations Briefing Paper

If you support our efforts to make significant land designation through the Mountain Accord process please consider joining SOC as a member! 

2 responses to “Mountain Accord Process

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  2. Do you have any opinions for Utah county mountains? We have some very disappointing events happening in Hobble Creek Canyon and Utah county government seems to support development even though it goes against the impact study done many years ago. Example: a new extremely large home is putting up a metal fence 9′ high all along the roadway that fences off a wildlife pathway to another canyon with Hobble Creek water dividing the two canyons so the elk have to pass through area for water but now the fence will block their pathway. Also large development of homes is being considered because the developer is lowering the water table so septic tanks can be used in the development. No one who uses this underground water flow is being alerted. Government can be very disappointing. Thanks.

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