Trails and Proposed Federal Designations

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For more information on White Pine Canyon click:  Trails and Designation map! 

Conservation and Recreation is what Save Our Canyons has been about since our formation. Recreation whether at a resort, trail, climbing crag, developed site like a campground or picnic area, or deep in the wilderness — it is how we connect to the wonders of the Wasatch and perhaps one another.

Over the years there has been confusion about various designations and proposals, how they may or may not impact various uses in the Wasatch. Our goal is to balance use to ensure the protection of different areas and strive to provide quality experiences for an ever diversifying recreation spectrum. Alpine mountaineering, backcountry skiing, bird watching, camping, climbing, cycling, dog walking, fishing, hiking, hunting, mountain biking, off-road driving, painting, picnicking, photography scenic drives, snowshoeing, stargazing, resort skiing and snowboarding, and watching wildlife are just a few of the opportunities that people enjoy in this area! Our goal is to enhance protections for these areas to protect the wild characteristics and staving off development pressures so that future generations might be able to enjoy a high-quality landscape (not to mention high quality drinking water) in the future. Human use is the greatest threat and impact to the Wasatch.


One response to “Trails and Proposed Federal Designations

  1. We need to keep the interests of all the people in play for these Wasatch Range mountains–Not just those who have the money to endlessly propose more ways to profit and destroy these mountains. I want to see a plan that keeps the existing wilderness as it is, PERIOD!!

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