Wasatch Canyon General Plan Talking Points

What to Highlight? 

  • The county’s plan, developed 30 years ago, decides the future of Central Wasatch land, so the choices made today will influence and impact the experiences of future generations.
  • Central Wasatch Canyons enhance the quality of life for a large, diverse, urban population with stable watersheds, high quality scenery, and retreat opportunities that are worth protecting.
  • The General Plan should recommend stringent environmental standards to protect our watershed, plant and animal habitat and our quality of life. 
  • Maintain a balance between private property and public lands that respects property owners as well as access to public lands.
  • Previous public processes, such as “Wasatch Canyons Tomorrow” confirm that the overwhelming majority of people don’t want more canyon development, it’s important we voice the opinion of the people for the people. 

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