2018 Summer Events


As an organization committed to providing meaningful opportunities for our members and community to steward the Wasatch, we dedicate a lot of our time to creating, organizing, and implementing events that are not only enjoyable to be at, but also provide an educational experience.

This summer we are excited for a season of community events that include many opportunities for volunteers. There are plenty of opportunities for you, your family, business, church or outdoor activity group to volunteer some time with Save Our Canyons. Click here to view our events calendar. 

On June 30th, we will host our Wilderness Stewardship Project at Broads Fork Trail in Big Cottonwood Canyon. This day out in the Twin Peaks Wilderness will require strong hikers who are prepared for a day on the trail. For more information or to rsvp please contact our Education and Stewardship Coordinator, Luke Golden at Luke@saveourcanyons.org.

On July 10th and August 7th, we will be hosting a highway cleaning up in Big Cottonwood, collecting trash and litter that was left behind. We will be meeting at the west end of the Big Cottonwood Canyon Park n Ride at 6:30 p.m. Please contact Alex@saveourcanyons.org to rsvp.

Make sure to check back regularly as we will be scheduling even more opportunities throughout these next months. We look forward to a summer of out on the trails, peaks and valley’s of the Wasatch Range.

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