WASATCH ENVIRONMENTAL UPDATE; “The Environment Needs Your Help”

Wasatch Environmental Update for December 31, 2017

By John Worlock

“The Environment Needs Your Help”

If you are hearing this Update on Sunday Afternoon, December 31, 2017, you are aware that the year is slipping away. There remain less than ten hours to decide and act on what you are going to do this year for the environment – the environment that so badly needs your help.  Michael Brune of the Sierra Club puts it this way, “….2018 is going to be tough.  We’ve already seen threats to our public lands, pristine habitats, and the laws safeguarding our communities from toxins and pollution.”

Right.  The environment appears to be under attack.  The land we walk upon, the water we drink and the air we breathe – all are threatened.  Our best response may be to join forces with one or more of the organizations that are working to counter those threats.  Accordingly, we want to talk with you about some of our local favorites.  All of them will be happy for your participation, whether as donor or as volunteer.

We start with our sponsor, Save Our Canyons, committed to “….protecting the wildness and beauty of the Wasatch Mountains, Canyons and Foothills.” Their sharp focus on the local scene allows them to guide the US Forest Service and the local county governments in a quest to keep ambitious developers from ruining the pristine beauty of the Wasatch and the purity of the important watershed.

Next comes Great Salt Lake Audubon, whose concentration is on the birds depending on the Great Salt Lake for their habitat, whether year-round or as seasonal visitors during their migrations.  Their focus extends naturally to the lake’s tributaries, especially the Jordan River from the south and the Bear River from the north.

That leads us to the Utah Rivers Council, currently very much interested in threats to the Bear River’s back-country habitat as well as its essential contribution to the Great Salt Lake.

Another organization with important local concentration is HEALUtah, working hard, with many others, to find solutions for the seasonally poisonous air in the Salt Lake Valley, as one of their many interests.

That’s it.  Time’s up.  Get busy now.  Visit some websites and discover what these organizations are doing that you want to become part of.

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