Broad support for the Central Wasatch Commission

Salt Lake County Council
2001 South State Street N2-200
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4575

Dear Salt Lake County Council,

We write you as Non-Governmental Organizations focused on recreation as well as the environmental health and integrity of the Wasatch Mountain Range.

The Mountain Accord was an inclusive and open process involving over 200 diverse stakeholders. Our organizations actively participated in the Mountain Accord and believe that important positive progress has been made and that we are on the verge of realizing durable and lasting protections for the Wasatch. We support the formation of the Central Wasatch Commission to implement the agreed to principles of the Accord:

  • A natural ecosystem that is conserved, protected and restored.
  • A recreation system that provides a range of settings and accommodates current and increasing demand.
  • A sustainable, safe, efficient, multi-modal transportation system that… is compatible with the unique environmental characteristics of the Central Wasatch.
  • Broadly shared economic prosperity that enhances quality of life and preserves natural and scenic resources.

As stakeholders, we are proud of the Mountain Accord’s openness, transparency, and commitment to finding consensus among stakeholders and the public for the benefit of the Wasatch Mountains.

We, the undersigned organizations, express our support for the Central Wasatch Commission resulting from the Mountain Accord process. Please join us in supporting the Central Wasatch Commission and ensuring that the years of effort which have gone in to the Accord process continue to move forward for the greater protection, preservation and enjoyment of the Wasatch Mountains.


Jennifer Clancy, Executive Director
Friends of Alta

Joan Degiorgio, Northern Mountains Regional Director
The Nature Conservancy

Carl Fisher, Executive Director
Save Our Canyons

Cheryl Fox, Executive Director
Summit Land Conservancy

Will McCarvill, Salt Lake Group Chair,
Utah Chapter Sierra Club

Charlie Sturgis, Executive Director
Mountain Trails Foundation

Julia Geisler, Executive Director
Salt Lake Climbers Alliance

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