Defend, steward, enjoy, designate and love Wilderness!

50 years ago today, President Lyndon Johnson signed into law the Wilderness Act – perhaps one of the most poetic pieces of legislation enacted – that allows us for the first time in our nations history, the ability to permanently protect some of the most wild and cherished landscapes across the public domains of the United States.

The Wasatch and its iconic peaks, lakes, streams, wildflowers, and wildlife populations, play an important role in Utah’s Wilderness heritage. The State’s first Wilderness area was designated in 1978 as part of the “American Endangered Wilderness Act” and forms the backdrop to both Utah and Salt Lake Counties – the Lone Peak Wilderness. Click the Lone Peak photo below to donate NOW to support Wilderness in the Wasatch Range!

Howie Lonw Pk proof

Lone Peak Photo – Alexis Kelner
Because of Wilderness we can go to Lone Peak today and experience what Alexis experienced in the 70s

Shortly thereafter, the “Utah Wilderness Act” came to pass in 1984, permanently protecting areas contained within the Mount Olympus Wilderness, the Twin Peaks Wilderness, Mount Timpanogos Wilderness, and many other places we interact with on a daily basis.

Save Our Canyons was the driving force that galvanized our community to protect these cherished American landscapes and irreplaceable watershed canyons for the health and enjoyment of future generations. To me, Wilderness is an integral part of our civilization and an important reminder of our inseparable connection to the land. It is in Wilderness that much of our water originates, in Wilderness where we find solitude, in Wilderness we find that delicious untracked powder bowl, in Wilderness that we have undistracted interactions with our community and friends, in Wilderness that we can appreciate nature in its natural form leaving a snapshot of the past free from our incessant desire to “improve” the land. Wilderness is a place where we are allowed to appreciate sublime landscapes that took millions of years to create. We are fortunate enough here in Northern Utah, to have millions of people each and every day interact with Wilderness. I’m forever grateful and appreciative for the foresight of those who made those interactions possible.

Unfortunately, our Wilderness legacy is continually under threat. Proposals to remove the Wilderness we’ve established, to ruin the Wilderness not yet established, redefine what Wilderness is, to privatize and exploit these irreplaceable landscapes. While it took millions of years to create these landscapes, it takes only minutes to forever mar them.

In honor of our Wilderness legacy, click here to make a contribution to Save Our Canyons. In doing so you are enabling us to further the Wilderness discussion, defend the Wilderness YOU enjoy and work to evoke the Wilderness Act to protect the eligible lands of the Wasatch for the health and enjoyment of future generations, but also to protect the integrity of the intrinsic value of our mountains.

We love the Wasatch, we love working to defend them and to protect them, but we need YOUR support and assistance to continue doing this important work that improves and protects our quality of life.

Thanks for standing with us and three cheers for our Wilderness!

In conservation,

Carl Fisher
Executive Director
Save Our Canyons

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