Wasatch Environmental Update; “Mountain Accord kicks off with public meetings.”


Wasatch Environmental Update for February 02, 2014

By John Worlock, Member, SOC Board of Directors

“Mountain Accord Kicks Off with Public Meetings”

It would be hard to overestimate the importance of the current process known as Mountain Accord.  It is a sweeping review of all the problems facing the central Wasatch Range.  Participants in this process hope to evaluate all the important issues involved in land use planning in the Central Wasatch and the adjoining valleys.  They hope, furthermore, to provide answers to all the questions that involve transportation, watershed and environmental protection, recreation and economic well-being.

You can bet that Save Our Canyons is deeply involved in this process, as we have for four decades followed our purpose of protecting the wildness and beauty of the Wasatch Mountains, canyons and foothills.

So we find ourselves in accord with the stated goal of Mountain Accord:  to preserve and improve the natural environment of the Wasatch Mountains and adjoining areas to ensure the prosperity, character, livability and well-being of the region.  Components of this goal include environmental stewardship, watershed protection, air quality improvements, recreation opportunities, a vibrant economy, and finally a modern environmentally sustainable transportation system.

Mountain Accord is an immense, and immensely important, undertaking, and its organizers need input from you, the beneficiaries of the splendor of the Central Wasatch.  Without you, the conversation is among various administrators and politicians from five cities, three counties and the state of Utah, plus the Forest Service, and federal and state transportation authorities.

We have no time today even to outline the array of problems that cry for solution, but let’s look briefly at transportation.  This problem stretches from the airport all the way  up I-80, through the choke point at Kimball Junction, to the resorts in the Park City basin, and similarly up the narrow and avalanche-prone Cottonwood Canyon roads, to the resorts and other recreational areas in the canyons.

Go to saveourcanyons dot org for more information and a link to the Mountain Accord website.  Become a partner in this important process!

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