We admit it; participating in public process isn’t romantic

Participating in public processes isn’t the most romantic way to spend your time BUT if you love the Wasatch Range we can’t imagine anything more important.
Mountain Accord; learn more, study and participate

Mountain Accord is a sweeping review of all the problems facing the Central Wasatch Range. Participants in this process hope to evaluate all the important issues involved in land use planning in the Central Wasatch and the adjoining valleys. They hope, furthermore, to provide answers to all the questions that involve transportation, watershed and environmental protection, recreation and economic well-being.

Last week, the organizers and sponsors of Mountain Accord organized a pair of public meetings to introduce themselves and their intentions to the public, the folks for whose benefit the process is intended. Those of us who attended a public meeting were able to rub shoulders with some of the organizers and the stake-holders in this process, which will work collaboratively to “preserve the legacy of the Wasatch through a modern, environmentally-sustainable transportation system; responsible stewardship of the natural resources; quality recreation experiences; and vibrant economy.”

Enough preamble. We are contacting you today to beg you to study and participate in the work of Mountain Accord. It’s so easy, and it’s so important!

Learn More

Wait, so what’s the Mountain Accord? Click Here


You wanted me to attend a public meeting the other day?! I was busy with….something else last week!?! Click Here


Got It! Where do I submit ideas, comments or concerns? Click Here

What the local media is saying about Mountain Accord? Click Here to see all the coverage.

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