Tavaci – It’s baaack and (probably) bigger than ever…

Tavaci is Back

On Wednesday, June 12th 2013 the Salt Lake County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the Tavaci project (File #28731). Bruce Baird, representatives for Cottonwood Estates Development, LLC, are proposing a rezone from FR 0.5 to FM – 10 zones in Salt Lake County, NOT Cottonwood Heights. As you may remember, last year, Cottonwood Heights allowed Tavaci’s bid for municipal disconnection as the proposed developments were not in good taste with community plans (or citizens for that matter), existing ordinances or efforts to negotiate with the developers.  During the municipal disconnection process, five Salt Lake County Council Members and Mayor Corroon sent a letter to Cottonwood Heights that stated the County would not support zone shopping.

Details about this project are being held close to the chest, but Salt Lake County officials  have made publicly available the signature of Terry Diehl (developer in chief, owner of 40 lots), his representative Bruce Baird, lot #20 owner Dominic P. Dato, and lot #18 owner Alicyn L. King. Interestingly enough, the signature of Roger Kehr who also owns a lot at Tavaci, is absent from the packet. Also included are parcel maps, meets and bounds descriptions, slope maps and a building height map (scroll to bottom for links to documents).

So, Tavaci, err, Cottonwood Estates Development, LLC is applying for a rezone from Forest Recreation – .5 acre lots (FR-.5) to Forest Multifamily – 10 (FM-10), the “10” designation means 10 dwelling units or 20 guestrooms per net developable acre. So, what does this mean for this area? Well, Tavaci has 43 platted lots in the development, based on the existing zoning of FR-.5 and its interaction with the Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone (FCOZ) ordinance. So what today, exists as an eyesore of a road adjacent to the Mt. Olympus Wilderness Area and 43 lots, could become something along the lines of 470 “dwelling units” or 940 “guestrooms” (or some combination of the two). Of course, this is assuming the entire, 47 acres is deemed “developable” by ordinances (see links above), but it also does not include the clustering bonus of 25% which could potentially be applied for down the road should the applicants so choose. That could land the “dwelling units” at 587.5 and the “guestrooms” at 1,175! I suppose that pales in comparison to the additional 3,000 plus units Salt Lake County approved for Snowbird to construct in 2008, but that is a lot of development in and around these canyon environs.

The process regarding this rezone will be fairly cut and dry. A public hearing before the planning commission, a recommendation from the planning commission to the Salt Lake County Council, and then either approval or denial by the Salt Lake County Council, the ultimate authority on re-zoning issues.

Save Our Canyons feels that a rezone is not necessary at this point and time. The area should keep its existing zoning as we don’t feel an area as visible as Tavaci from points all across the valley should be the site of a high-density, mixed use development. The developer has existing rights to adequately enjoy their property right.

What you can do
Show up to the public hearing and provide thoughtful, fact based, personal testimony:

Wednesday June 12, 2013 @ 8:30am
Salt Lake County Government Center
2001 S State Street, North Bldg, #1100
Salt Lake City , 84190

You can also contact your County Council member! Find them here: http://council.slco.org/

You can also email Mayor McAdams’ Planning Director & Staff: Rolen Yoshinaga or Max Johnson

You can always contact us here at SOC as well, simply visit our Contact Us page.

If you are interested in more info about this project here is what has been made publicly available.

Rezoning Ordinance: http://library.municode.com/HTML/16602/level2/TIT19ZO_CH19.90AMRE.html#TOPTITLE

Salt Lake County Special Projects Site: http://pwpds.slco.org/html/Special_Projects_and.html

Application: http://pwpds.slco.org/pdf/28731_Application.pdf

Parcel Maps: http://pwpds.slco.org/pdf/28731_Parcel_Plat.pdf

Meets and Bounds Description: http://pwpds.slco.org/pdf/28731_Meets_and_Boun.pdf

Slope Map: http://pwpds.slco.org/pdf/28731_Slope_Analysis.pdf

Building Height Map: http://pwpds.slco.org/pdf/28731_Exhibit_1.pdf

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