November 02, 2020

Stories Of The Wasatch a Multi-Generational Gem

About 1 year ago, the Conservation Alliance approved funding for our Wild Forests and Connected Watersheds Education Program focused around protecting the Wasatch Mountains through the National Conservation and Recreation Area Act proposed legislation that would leave a lasting legacy through the federal protection of 80,000 acres in the Central Wasatch Range. One of the key components of this project was to showcase the land. The Wasatch Mountains are a showy cornicopia of alpine meadows, granite walls, exposed limestone ridges, and lush glens. We partnered with local Utah filmmaker, Everett Fitch to create two videos highlighting the importance of conservation and protecting the wildness and beauty of the Wasatch Mountains.

“Our Canyons Carry Us” features Save Our Canyons Members Erme, Anna and Luka Catino! This short video is a teaser into the world of Save Our Canyons. This video was played on PCTV during June—September.

 “Our Canyons Carry Us” 

This 15 minute documentary explores the generations of dedicated enthusiasts who have helped to protect the Wasatch Mountains. Watch as Save Our Canyons Member Bill and Sylvia Gray discuss the importance of protecting the Wasatch through learning about the wildflowers and birds. Listen to Emanuel, Allison, Milo, Simon Vásquez as they share insight into how this place has influenced their lives as they grow as a family through challenges and intrigue for the macro and micro elements of the Wasatch's ecosystem. And get inspired to act as Save Our Canyons Intern Caroline Weiler and Save Our Canyons Member and Volunteer Elliot Frei shed some light on how they plan to keep impacting the future of the Wasatch Mountains. 

Mini Documentary “Stories Of The Wasatch” 

From everyone at Save Our Canyons we would like to say thank you to: Erme, Anna, Luka, Bill, Sylvia, Emanuel, Allison, Milo, Simon, Caroline and Elliot for volunteering their time to make this project happen

Connecting with the Wasatch Mountains in our own way creates a patchwork of stories lived by the people who advocate for a place they identify with. A long slog up Mount Olympus, a deeply reflective moment in a wildflower laden meadow, or even the stories from a parent or family friend of a cherished time in the Wasatch Range. Sharing these stories helps to protect the beauty and wildness of the Wasatch Mountains. 

From now, all the way through 2021, we want to know your stories! What have you done in the Wasatch? What connects you to this area? What would your Wasatch look like in 10 years? 

After watching the mini documentary “Stories Of The Wasatch” we would like you to share a 30 seconds to one minute video about what the Wasatch means to you. After creating the video post it online to Facebook or Instagram using the #WasatchStory. If you don’t have social media, don’t worry! You can send your video directly to