December 01, 2020

Utah County Residents Protect Bridal Veil Falls

Save Our Canyons worked in partnership with Utah Open Lands, Salt Lake Climbers Alliance, and Protect and Preserve American Fork Canyon to show support to elected officials from our collective community for preservation of this 607 foot cascade in Provo Canyon. 

Purchased in 2015 by Utah County, the 21 acre parcel has been held by the County for public access with the Forest Service also managing some of the area. The decision before the county was whether to sell the land to be developed into an exclusive drug treatment facility with a tramway to the top of the falls or keep the land in public ownership under a conservation easement. 

On Wednesday, the Utah County Commission held a nearly 6 hour public hearing on the future of the land where Bridal Veil Falls sits. Dozens of citizens made comments, including Save Our Canyons Carl Fisher citing community values, respect for nature, and the danger of selling off these iconic natural landmarks to the highest bidder. 

The Commissioners made the right decision and sided with all who value the Wasatch Mountains as they are. Next the details of the conservation easement will be worked out with Utah Open Lands and Utah County government. Along with our partners cited above, we hope to be involved in any working group which will continue moving this process forward. 

A great deal of thanks goes out to Save Our Canyons members in Utah County! We reached out to many of you and because of your action Bridal Veil Falls will remain as it is today.