The proposed mining operation for Parley's Canyon will have a dramatic effect on the entire Wasatch Range. The size and scope of the project presents this as the largest mining operation within the Wasatch Front since the establishment of the Point of the Mountain quarry.

Stopping a mining operation in Parley's Canyon includes conversations across many different platforms, organizations, county officials, state legislators, and federal agencies. All of these moving parts created a demand for a resource page to best inform and prepare you to be involved and find your voice as an advocate for the Wasatch. This page will continually update as this process continues to evolve.

Acronym’s Defined:

DNR - Department of Natural Resources

DOGM - Division of Oil, Mining, and Gas

SMO - Small Mining Operation

LMO - Large Mining Operation

NOI - Notice of Intent

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act

FCOZ - Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zones 

FR - Forestry and Recreation Zone

SLCo - Salt Lake County

Additional ways to act now:

Read the revisions of Salt Lake County Ordinances on 12/10/2021 below:

pdf Meeting Minutes from Salt Lake County on 12/10

pdfMineral Extraction Ordinance

  • SOC supports the following revision of Salt Lake County Ordinances:
    • It prohibits the uses of “mineral extraction and processing; mine; quarry; gravel pit; including crushers or concrete batching plants used in connection with and as part of an operation for the removal of sand, gravel and/or rock aggregate in the Forest Recreation Zone and in the Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone.
    • It establishes a process for the County planning director to decide whether or not a use not listed is prohibited or related to a conditional or permitted use in the relevant ordinances.