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Save Our Canyons' Founders: Alexis Kelner and Gale Dick

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In 1972, the Wasatch was a different place.  However, without the leadership of two men, Gale Dick and Alexis Kelner, it could have become a much different place. Today, much of what we enjoy in the Wasatch Mountains can be attributed to the dedication and passion of Gale and Alexis. To honor them, the Save Our Canyons Board of Trustees has established the “Founder’s Fund.” This fund will help support the efforts of Save Our Canyons and be used to realize the vision of our founders. This fund will be unveiled at our Lone Peak Celebration on April 26th, 2o14. Gale and Alexis don’t know we are doing it, so help join in the surprise and the sustainment of Save Our Canyons and the Wasatch — an organization and place which they have dedicated their lives to protect.

  1. Wilderness – the Founders of Save Our Canyons firmly believe that evoking the Wilderness Act of 1964 is the surest way to permanently “protect the beauty and wildness of the Wasatch.” As population increases and climate changes, the importance of land and water will only become more valuable. Wilderness will protect these lands in the public trust, preserving them for future generations to enjoy, not to mention purely for the sake of protecting the land.
  2. Increase Citizen Involvement – the vast majority of people who live near the Wasatch want to see this place protected, but every time a project comes up we only see a couple hundred people show up or speak out. There are over 1 million people in this valley and only ONE Wasatch Range. Educating the public on the importance of the Wasatch and engaging them to act is at the core of what Save Our Canyons is about.

Successes are temporary, but losses are permanent… sustaining the work of Save Our Canyons through support of the Founders Fund will help make certain that our successes are permanently defended!

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