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Save Our Canyons 2018 Internship Positions

Save Our Canyons relies on competent, passionate interns to help us further our mission of “protecting the beauty and wildness of the Wasatch Mountains, canyons and foothills.” If you are interested in applying for an internship with Save Our Canyons please send your resume and a cover letter to

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Save Our Canyons Communications Internship

Save Our Canyons Community Engagement Internship 2018

Hunter Tuesday-Heathfield, Policy Assistant Intern

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My name is Hunter Tuesday-Heathfield, and I’ll be interning with Save Our Canyons this fall! I grew up here in Salt Lake, with the wonderful experience of having the Wasatch as my playground. My childhood, as well as my life now, has been filled with time spent in the mountains. Skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, climbing, camping, and basking in the beauty of nature have been my passions for as long as I can remember. These experiences have made me into the person that I am today. The Wasatch, and most natural areas, provide unparalleled opportunities for personal development. Salt Lake’s mountains have taught me perseverance, introspection, and to appreciate the complex relationships and environmental benefits that the Wasatch provides.

These experiences led me to my current academic career, majoring in Environmental Sustainably Studies and minoring in Business Administration. These two polar fields have given me the insight to approach environmental issues from multiple perspectives, as well as insights into how to marry environmental needs with the diverse function of the economy. My studies took me to Washington, D.C. over the summer to intern with the Bureau of Land Management, which helped me gain a number of skills that I hope to use to benefit Save Our Canyons and build upon during my time here.

I’m excited to start my work at Save Our Canyons this fall. This will be an interesting opportunity to work on issues that directly impact me and my community. Additionally, this work allows me to assist in protecting the Wasatch so that current and future generations will have the same opportunities to recreate, develop, and explore like I and so many others have had.

Taylor Monney, Utah Valley Coordinator 2039F9C2-E704-4710-A290-4930A62ED6F9 (1).jpeg

Growing up on the foothills of Mount Timpanogos, I learned from an early age to cherish the outdoors and especially the Wasatch Mountains. Many days spent snowboarding, climbing, hiking, and mountain biking in the Wasatch have helped me to understand not only the grandeur of this range, but also its fragility. Increased development and degradation threaten to permanently scar the Wasatch, diminishing the quality of life for the human and non-human residents of the range, thus the great necessity of conservation efforts.

When I think of these mountains, I remember of the oft quoted line of Baba Dioum “in the end, we will conserve only what we love, and love only what we understand.” Save Our Canyons demonstrates a love for, and understanding of this unique environment, and my concern for this area led me to volunteer with this organization. With Save Our Canyons I have been able to participate in trail cleanups and restoration projects in Big Cottonwood Canyon, speak with dozens of concerned Utahns and promote conservation, and become more acquainted with the legislative aspect of environmentalism in the effort to pass the CWNCRA proposal.  My work with Save Our Canyons has helped me to understand the positive impact a group can have in the conservation movement, and the need for individuals to get involved to protect the places they love.