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Save Our Canyons 2017 Internship Positions

Save Our Canyons relies on competent, passionate interns to help us further our mission of “protecting the beauty and wildness of the Wasatch Mountains, canyons and foothills.” If you are interested in applying for an internship with Save Our Canyons please send your resume and a cover letter to

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Save Our Canyons Fall 2016 Interns  

Jordan Turner

Policy Assistant


Jordan Turner is currently a senior at Westminster College and is pursuing a BA in environmental studies and minor in political science. If you ask his family, he came out here for school. However, ask him and the mountains are the only thing he mentions. Jordan’s a Vermont native, raised five minutes outside Burlington, VT and grew up skiing the Green Mountains starting at the age of four. He enjoys hiking, rock climbing, skiing, camping, and all manner of outdoor activities. The Wasatch are important to him for many reasons. For him they represent an escape from the monotony of school and hectic pace of life in Salt Lake City. The mountains give people a place to clear their thoughts and focus on enjoying what’s actually in front of them instead of stressing about the uncertainties of life and work. The Wasatch offer incredible opportunities for all types of outdoor recreation, which he believes are essential to keeping the soul centered and mind focused. While recreation is important to him, conservation and wilderness are equally as significant. This is why he has chosen to intern with Save Our Canyons, to work at keeping the continuous flow of development at bay, especially in the canyons. Jordan believes that affecting policy is one of the most effective ways of achieving conservation goals. He’s interning with us to gain firsthand experience with policy work. He’s very excited to be working towards keeping these places healthy and in as good a condition as possible for future generations to enjoy and experience.

Logan Hastings

Outreach and Policy Assistant



Since moving to Utah last August, Logan has immersed herself in all Salt Lake City has to offer. But for her, this means less of the downtown scene and more of the hiking, climbing, and skiing in the Wasatch that are so easily accessible. Growing up in the Selkirk Mountains in Idaho, she has been influenced by the outdoors basically since she was born. She is currently a freshman in environmental studies at the University of Utah, and has been interning at SOC since last October. She chose to intern here because of her appreciation for special and irreplaceable places, especially the Wasatch, and her passion to protect them. Using what she has learned at SOC, she is hoping to continue her work in the environmental field with the Student Conservation Association this summer. Whatever the next 3 years may bring in Logan’s studies, she knows she will continue to enjoy and fight for the Wasatch whenever she can.