Community Development Intern


I was born in Utah and I always have been drawn to the mountains. My deep curiosity about the local mountains drew me to become an environmentalist and researcher. I studied abroad in Mongolia with Round River Conservation Studies and graduated Westminster College with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Studies and Science Concentration. After graduating, I served with Americorps National Citizen Community Corps in the Southwestern US for a year, which I built sustainable houses for a disaster relief area in southern Texas, renovated an outdoor camp in southeastern Oklahoma, and aided various nonprofits in central Colorado. Currently, I started my graduate school classes at Westminster College for a Masters of Art in Community Leadership and I am excited to intern with Save Our Canyons.

I applied for SOC’s Fall Internship from knowing about them in my undergraduate years and I always wanted to assist them, but I didn’t have the opportunity in the past. So, I now have the ability to aid them and gain more experience that can help me develop my graduate thesis. My goal for this internship is to launch a Deep Ecology Campaign. This campaign will engage you in our relationships with the environment, educate about holistic approaches in environmental activism, provide nature storytelling from those in the SOC community, and spiritual communities around the canyons. This campaign is to show the spiritual aspects of environmentalism and provide a holistic interconnection with our local community.