Future Influnecer’s Internship

Hello! My name is Abby and I am thrilled to have the Future Influencer’s Internship with Save Our Canyons this summer. I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the outdoors and now want to do my part to help preserve this beautiful place we call home. I recently graduated from Saint Joseph High School in Ogden and will be attending the University of Denver in the fall. I plan to major in political science and public policy. Apart from enjoying the outdoors, I also enjoy figure skating, walking my dog Lucy, and reading.

Growing up in Utah has given me the chance to fall in love with almost every outdoor activity. Some of my favorites are skiing, kayaking, and rock climbing. Spending so much time in Utah’s gorgeous mountains has led me to realize the importance of preserving the Wasatch. I want to be able to hike to my favorite spots without worrying about excessive development and deterioration. The protection and preservation of the Wasatch are essential to the future of Utah’s beauty. 

The Future Influencer’s internship was designed to help teenagers and young adults transition from being solely an “outdoorsy” Utahn to becoming involved in the protection of the Wasatch Front. It’s important for our generation to not only appreciate and enjoy the countless activities our canyons offer, but to also take responsibility for their future.

I am excited to have the opportunity to work with SOC this summer and am hoping to accomplish a lot. There is a large population of teenagers and young adults in Utah, including myself, that love to spend time in the outdoors, but are looking for more ways to become involved in the preservation of the Wasatch. Environmental abuse, pollution, and the expansion of private resorts are all issues that my generation is worried about. I’ve reached out to fellow young Utahns and learned that many of them believe we need to educate more people on current threats to the Wasatch and use our voices to support policies that would preserve Utah’s beauty. This project matters because it will give teenagers and young adults the knowledge and skills to become catalysts in protecting the future of Utah’s canyons.

I am organizing a social media campaign that reaches out to the next generation of environmental activists. My goal for this campaign is to help transition outdoor lovers to environmental activists. This campaign will include registering and exercising our right to vote, learning how to regularly contact Utah’s legislators about issues that matter to us, signing the Central Wasatch Conservation and Recreation Act petition, and being more informed about sustainable public transportation in the Salt Lake Valley. The first way for a person to get more involved is to take this quick questionnaire.