Carl Fisher, Executive Director of Save Our Canyons, grew up along the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains. He enjoys spending time with friends and family mountain biking, climbing, hiking, fishing and backcountry snowboarding. In 2005, he graduated from the University of Utah with degrees in Geography and Environmental Studies. He began volunteering at Save Our Canyons in 2001 while working in the hospitality and tourism industries at the Hotel Monaco and Snowbird Ski Resort. He then joined Save Our Canyons’ staff in 2006. The Wasatch Mountains and their unmatched beauty and access to world-class recreational opportunities are the sole reason the Salt Lake Valley remains his home. He is married, has two daughters, one dogs and is passionate about protecting public lands, wildlife habitat, and our environment and likes to have fun!




Alex, has been a friend of Save Our Canyons since his mother bought him a Save Our Canyons t shirt in 2003.  In 2010 he received his A.S. from Salt Lake Community College and has since completed a Certificate of Excellence from the Non-profit Academy of Excellence through the University of Utah. Having the Wasatch Mountains in such close proximity, with ease of access to recreation, natural spaces, and quiet solitude in the mountains and foothills of this incredible area has shaped the way that he has come to better understand himself and the world around him. He is currently acting as full time Campaigns Coordinator for Save Our Canyons.

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SARAH SLEATER (but you may still know her as Rosemeyer)


Sarah fell in love with the beauty and wildness of the Wasatch Mountains when she moved here 12 years ago. After a few years, she began volunteering at SOC because of her passion for the outdoors and realization of just how precious, unique and endangered the Wasatch truly was and is. Her deep respect and admiration for its founders, staff and members is a driving force behind her love for SOC, which she is so proud to be a part of. She enjoys hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, photography and spending time with her two beautiful daughters.



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Grace grew up in Teton Valley, ID and Moab, Utah where she discovered the importance of keeping the environment wild. While living in both location she spent most of her time outdoors and enjoying the amazing landscapes. She moved to Salt Lake City to attend Westminster College, where she received a M.A. in Community Leadership, a B.A. in Communication, and a B.A. in Fine Art. While living in Salt Lake City she has fallen in love with the beauty and wilderness of the Wasatch Mountains. During her free time you can find her climbing, skiing, hiking, camping, and enjoy quality time with her dogs (in dog allowed areas). If you ever want to talk about the outdoors, Wasatch Mountains, marketing, or dogs — find her at the next SOC event. 



Luke Golden, Education and Stewardship Coordinator

Luke Golden, a native of New Hampshire, moved to Utah to attend Westminster College in 2014 where he earned a degree in Environmental Studies. In 2015 he started volunteering with Save Our Canyons Kids, then became the Community Outreach Intern in 2017. He is pleased to now be our Education and Stewardship Coordinator. Growing up in the mountains of northern New Hampshire, Luke developed an appreciation of mountains, and the wilderness and its importance which he brings to the job. When he is not in the office or leading SOC Kids hikes, he is skiing, camping, hiking and fly fishing all around Utah.