Board Member


A Utah native, I grew up in Sandy back when Draper was nothing but farmland. The Dimple Dell gully was the backdrop of my childhood where I spent many a day catching insects and collecting plants to press in books. My parents got me hooked on camping and hiking at a young age and today, backpacking and canyoneering are two of my favorite pastimes.

I received an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design in 2003 as well as one in Mechanical Engineering in 2011, both from the University of Utah. I have worked in Product Development for years, mainly as a Technical Program Manager, and received my PMP certification in 2016. With the goal of continuing to pursue a career in Product Development, I recently graduated from the MBA-TC program at Westminster College. I truly enjoy bringing a project together and driving it to successful completion, and like to take a strategic and focused approach when doing so.

Utah has become a tech hub in recent years, and with this has come a great deal of population growth. I’m excited to be a part of this board so I can help strengthen the force that must exist in order to counter the threat of overdevelopment in this beautiful state, maintaining the balance and natural beauty of our canyons for years to come.