Grizzly, Roads, and Voting. Your Wasatch Round Up!

Since June, the Central Wasatch Commission has been working to reconcile various issues with the Central Wasatch National Conservation and Recreation Area Act. This legislation will protect 80,000 acres of public land in the Wasatch, establishing new Wilderness designation areas, working to finalize an alignment for the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, facilitating land exchanges with participating ski areas, and preventing resort expansion outside existing master development boundaries.

The latest revision on this bill is now live and ready for you to submit public comment. You can view a fact sheet of the changes, a revised version of the legislation, an updated map, and submit a public comment within the orange button that says: “Central Wasatch Conservation and Recreation Area Maps, Details and Timeline“.

The major issues are focused primarily around dealing with Alta Ski Area’s obstruction and decision to not protect Grizzly Gulch. This version of the bill removes Alta Ski Area from the NCRA designation and their ability to be a partner in value for value land exchanges. In recent weeks, Alta has attempted to consolidate disparate land holdings from within their ski area boundary to aid in their desired expansion into Grizzly Gulch.

Save Our Canyons cannot support a reconfiguration of land ownership simply to benefit development. There must be significant protections in exchange for consolidation. To help you better understand the complexity of this topic we have published a few emails to educate the community about the NCRA while helping you to understand the rationale of our position.

After reading all of this content we are sure you are asking: what can I do to help Save Our Canyons protect the Wasatch Mountains? And we know exactly how you can help! Attend the Central Wasatch Commission ​Public Open House:  


4:00 PM – 6:00 PM



Central Wasatch Conservation and Recreation Area Maps, Details, and Timeline

Central Wasatch Commission Meeting Agenda

Alta, Grizzly Lift Proposals, and Transportation Commitment

Alta Land Exchanges, Grizzly Gulch, and CWNCRA

Roadless Rule Update

The State’s whirlwind tour on its sudden assault on our roadless areas wrapping up tonight in Cedar City. The good news is that people seem to be fundamentally opposed to this, the bad is that few State policy makers care as the ideological battle against protection of our natural resources burns like a forest riddled with roads and development.

Two leaders however ARE listening— thank you Mayor Biskupskiand Mayor Ben McAdams for writing letters about the Roadless Rule and for recommending no changes made to the Roadless Rule regulation.

Last week, the Summit County Council took aim at endorsing the project which would remove roadless protections from lands in the Uinta Mountains, but also supporting the State’s effort to revoke protections on some 4 million acres of forest.

Coverage of the Summit County meeting can be found here in this article in the Park Record. Broader coverage of the State’s Roadless Rule Petition can be found in this in-depth article from the Salt Lake Tribune here.

We are collecting comments on the process which we will deliver to the state. Submit your comment today by clicking on the orange button titled: “Uphold the 2001 Roadless Rule“.

Uphold the 2001 Roadless Rule

Go Vote 

While we at Save Our Canyons cannot endorse candidates, it should come as no surprise that your vote, or conscious decision to not vote, has real implications on the Wasatch! There is no perfect candidate and the issues on the ballot are hopelessly nuanced.

Here’s what we do — Think about what your values are, realize that your vote has implications on millions of other people (creatures and places) in countless situations and consider the impact on them, and think about what you want to leave to future generations. Finally, vote for someone who can lead — for their ability to listen, convene, adapt, collaborate, and has the ability to digest complex information.

Vote with your heart, your conscience, your brain, and of course for the Wasatch — we trust all those things are in alignment!

Save the Date

Now that you’re well informed and fired up — we are sure you have noticed there many ways to get involved and engage in conversation around protecting the Wasatch.

We know it is unrealistic to ask each and everyone of our members to spend 30+ minutes taking all our actions and reading all the background information. So, if you’re short on time and want to do the action that has the biggest bang for its buck— it’s attending the Central Wasatch Commission ​Public Open House on November 5th at 4:00 – 6:00 pm.

PS: Please remember to take our Member Survey.

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