Action! Send Your Comment to Central Wasatch Commission.

Since 1972, Save Our Canyons mission has been to protect the wildness and beauty of the Wasatch mountains, canyons and foothills. We do this through a variety of ways, working on land use ordinances, partnering to purchase lands, engaging in land planning processes and responding to proposals confronting the Wasatch. One of the most productive ways to protect lands is to petition Congress to permanently protect these places for the values we the public hold dear.

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Our current goal in partnership with Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Sandy City, the State of Utah, and the USFS is to protect 80,000 acres of public land by working with Congress to designate the NCRA. If you would like more information about the NCRAplease visit our online story map today.

While we DO support the NRCA overall, we would like to see these values that protect wilderness, ecosystems, our water supply, and our public lands:

  • Designating White Pine as a Wilderness Area
  • Alta cannot leverage lands INSIDE its resort boundary as part of a land exchange, only lands outside the resort boundary can be part of an exchange as that is where the public benefit lies
  • If Grizzly Gulch is not protected, no water (snowmaking or base development) should be given to Alta
  • If we can make amends on White Pine, we can continue working on Wilderness Boundary Adjustments to complete the multi-use Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

Submit a Public Comment TODAY: Here

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