Wasatch Environmental Update; Central Wasatch Commission – Public Comment on June 20


Wasatch Environmental Update for June 17, 2018

By John Worlock

“Central Wasatch Commission – Public Comment on June 20”


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The Central Wasatch Commission invites public comment on the proposed Central Wasatch National Conservation and Recreation Area Act – at their next meeting on Wednesday afternoon, June 20.

What Act was that, and why is it important? And what is the Central Wasatch Commission.?

It’s good you asked. The Commission is a board representing municipalities surrounding the Central Wasatch Range along with a representative of the state department of transportation.  Its charter is to put into action the important plan for the future of the Central Wasatch that resulted from the long negotiations whose result was the Mountain Accord.

Mountain Accord led to the creation of the enabling legislation in the form of the Central Wasatch National Conservation and Recreation Act.  As HR 5718, it was introduced to Congress by Representatives Chaffetz, Love and Stewart in 2016, but failed to get out of committee.  It awaits possible amendments and reintroduction for the consideration of some future congress. The Central Wasatch Commission has principal responsibility for the future of that Act.

You are invited and in fact urged to attend this weeksmeeting of the Central Wasatch Commission.  The agenda includes time for public comment – your comment– on the Central Wasatch National Conservation and Recreation Act.  Listen carefully at the end of this message for details about the meeting.

Meanwhile, to refresh your understanding of the issues, go to http://www.saveourcanyons.org and click on the banner for CWC Meeting June 20.  One access point will lead you to the uplifting news that Salt Lake City’s ex Mayor Ralph Becker is now Executive Director of the CWC, and will bring his energy and his experience with environmental issues to bear on the important business of the commission.  You can find access to the meeting’s agenda, which offers a copy of HR 5718, after many pages of less uninteresting CWC business.

Most importantly, you will learn that the meeting will take place Wednesday, June 20.  Its location will be the Cottonwood Heights City Council Chambers at 2277 East Bengal Boulevard.

Starting time is 2:30 pm, and public comment is slated for the last item on the agenda.  But come early, and claim your place on the schedule.  The Central Wasatch Range needs your ideas and your voice.

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