Prival USA supports Save Our Canyons

We have partnered with Prival to provide an opportunity to you our Save Our Canyons supporters and members. Prival is excited to introduce their all-new Prival Summer Education and Adventure Series! They have several courses lined up this summer with incredible instructors who are eager to get you outside and enjoying the mountains.

“Personally, the Wasatch is a place where I can go escape from everyday life and be truly at peace no matter what it is I’m doing. I fully support the work SOC is doing year after year for this area because of the importance it holds not only to the individual spirit, but the entire ecosystem within it. It’s such a diverse area that holds so much natural beauty, and essential resources that provides life to both wildlife and us down here in the valley. We need to support more organizations like SOC so we can continue to preserve areas like this that offer so much, while helping maintain the outdoor lifestyles we all want to live and pass down to future generations. “  Dylan Gunning, Prival USA

The Wasatch Range is a diverse landscape full of valley’s, peaks, and meadows. For 45 years, Save Our Canyons has successfully advocated for the designation of wilderness areas in the Wasatch. In ‘78 we achieved Utah’s first wilderness designation which preserved the high alpine beauty, diverse habitat, and towering granite walls of the Lone Peak Wilderness Area.

Now in 2018 preserving this unique range for wildlife, watershed, and recreation opportunities for future generations is a community effort and we are excited to have the support of Prival. Come join Prival to hone in all the skills you’ll need to successfully conquer your summer and help us protect 80,000 acres of public land by signing the Central Wasatch National Conservation Act (CWNCRA)

Check out Prival’s offerings HERE.

Register using Save Our Canyons 5% Discount Code: Save5! 

(Images: Ben Girardi)

Remember to support those that are supporting the Wasatch!




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